Macy Gray on Conan with Trayvon Tribute‏ 

"Macy's cover of "Teenagers" can be found on her new covers album "Covered". In this album she pays homage to masterpiece records, putting her unique style and interpretation on songs by Radiohead, My Chemical Romance, Metallica, AWOLNATION, Colbie Caillat, Kanye West, and many more! It's received glowing reviews and comments from the artists she covers."

Track Listing

1. Here Comes The Rain Again (Eurythmics 1983)
2. Creep (Radiohead 1992)
3. Smoke Two Joints (The Toyes 1983)
4. La La La (Teaching The Kids) (featuring Layann Al Saud, Avery Albert, Happy Hinds, and Stena Steiber)
5. Teenagers (My Chemical Romance 2006)
6. The Power Of Love (featuring Hugh Salk)
7. Nothing Else Matters (Metallica 1991)
8. Sail (AWOLNATION 2010)
9. Maps (Yeah Yeah Yeahs 2003)
10. Lovelockdown/Buck (Kanye West 2008/Nina Simone 1967)
11. Mel Rap (featuring Mel Hinds)
12. Bubbly (featuring Idris Elba) (Colbie Caillat 2007)
13. Wake Up (Arcade Fire 2004)

Check out snippets from the Full Cover album "Covered" Here:

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