Moe Green - "Top Turnbuckle Lifestyle" (Music Video) 

In Moe Green's new video for "Top Turnbuckle Lifestyle," one of the singles off his debut album Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match, the Vallejo-born rapper teams up with Brian Storm (partner of "KIM" director Myke Ward) for the Nick Maples produced track. Throughout the video Moe reigns over his environment with an aspiring air, generally acting as a focal point in scenes depicting elements of metropolitan life. When asked about the inspiration for the video the rapper says, "The song is just me documenting my progress and where I am going take my music career". The concept is not only seen but heard, with strong statements such as "I back up every word, wide open for discussion/ Pray to God every night that I make it...".

In this video, however, the young emcee is seen fading in and out of the frame and draws little to no attention from the crowds of people moving around him, a difficult image to convey as Moe tells it. "It was awkward rapping these verses in the middle of a busy bus station with everyone trying to see what we were doing." With the recent buzz surrounding the budding emcee he should start getting used to all the attention.

Moe Green, along with DaVinci, The Niceguys, Von Pea, Metermaids, Stalley, Big K.R.I.T., and more were featured on the Potholes x Prefix Summer Sampler, available today. Check it out here:

Download Rocky Maivia: Non-Title Match (courtesy of Interdependent Media) here:

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