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Black Sheep's Dres Joins With Blacksmith's Jean Grae To Take A Fun Look At Relationship Dynamics

"Party Tonight", featuring Jean Grae, is the latest single from Black Sheep's highly anticipated LP From The Black Pool Of Genius. The latest single demonstrates the long-standing power of the well-executed male/female duet. "It's a 'this feels great' jam," says Jean Grae. "You know, like a party that people actually have fun at - always needed, always timeless." And although Jean Grae says, "Of course it was an honor to record with Dres. The moment was kind of surreal for me," the feeling was mutual. "I had a lot of fun with Jean Grae in the studio," explains Dres. "She's quick-witted and pretty funny... it was nice to see her spit too. Her mechanics are tight. All the components were there from the beginning."

Produced by UrbanSoul Music Group, the track comes to life with the nostalgic crackle of a spinning vinyl, a reverb injected guitar melody, and a pocket rhythm section reminiscent of the soulful '70s. Dres and Grae draw on their verbal prowess to decorate the musical fixture with potent imagery of hip-hop's illustrious party scene, all the while remaining true to the actualities of reality. With a deft and poetic cadence Dres calls, "I'm only tryin' to party tonight/ I ain't sprung/ Elated, I'm a product that be native to the tongue/ Related, I'm the object that equated to the sun/ Just trying to seize the words to the songs you ain't sung," only to meet the humorous yet pithy response of Grae, "I shake it like the bar tender making my drink/ I'm a lady though/ Think before you play me close/ Party on further than Wayne, Garth/ harder than Richards, Keith". A mellow soul banger, "Party Tonight" is yet another triumphant track coming from a freshly groomed Black Sheep.

Fans can also check out Dres representing Black Sheep with the official From The Black Pool Of Genius album release party Tuesday, June 29th at Taj, where Dres will be performing tracks from the new album. Doors open for the free show at 8:00, and the concert starts at 10:00. Taj is located at 48 West 21st Street New York, NY 10010-6907 (212) 620-3033.

Black Sheep's From The Black Pool Of Genius is available June 29th, 2010 via Bum Rush Records.

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