Mr. J Medeiros - Pale Blue Dot (Remix) ft. Shad 

After the physical and digital Pale Blue Dot release by Mr. J Medeiros, here's an amazing remix by 20syl (of Hocus Pocus & C2C) featuring Shad! The track is now available as brand new free download. For the real hip hop enthusiasts and vinyl collecters, this song is found on the super limited edition blue 7" record presented by The Find Magazine.

"20syl's remix builds impressively on the original atmospheric electronic beat by Stro Elliot, adding a deep and heavy groove that augments the innovative style. Eloquent Canadian emcee Shad adds his deep personal perspectives on society which further complement Mr. J’s thoughtful observations. This song is a unique approach to rap from Shad K, featuring a slow and relaxed flow that contrasts the high energy beat and leaves the listener hanging on to every rhyme.

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