'My Sunshine' by azAp - a-q-rat sounds AZitiZ poetry 

AZitiZ: isn't content to leave the music world as it is. This is an artist ready to leave a crater – that is, she's gonna make an impact. Her evocative blend of hip-hop and soul elements ride an electric line along the cutting edge of urban music. At the same time, she keeps a grip on the staple elements in which the genres are rooted. Catchy doesn't even begin to describe the hook-heavy infectiousness that pull the listener into a world of vital words and potent grooves.

a-q-rat: is the composer, sound designer and producer, In the mid 90’s he started DJing. Primarily Rap and Hip Hop of the 80s and 90s was my thing. In 1998 and started Combining Nu-Jazz with Hip Hop, but with a turntablelist style. Adding scratches, dropping beats and generally juggling with two records. As this combination developed, he started producing Bootleg remixes from classics Hip Hop artist like the Beastie Boys, KRS ONE, Eric B. & Rakim. Yet his attraction to Hip Hop lyrics was no more, and he found himself becoming more and more interested in the beats and Instrumentals and was busy composing his own tunes. Here he is today still making Hip Hop and Trip Hop tracks.


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