Nomad Carlos - Welcome Me Back (Video + Download) 


No one can predict Nomad Carlos. You never know what to expect. With a sound so banging and a flow so effortless, you might not think you would hear this music coming out of Kingston, Jamaica. Born in Florida on May 5, 1987, but raised in Jamaica, which he has declared his true home, this kid breathes Hip Hop and meditates on music. 

Nomad Carlos always loved music but picked up the pen through the influence of close friends who had been rapping. From early recordings, he moved on to releasing mixtapes with a group, performing and even completing an album, for which he released music videos that have made him known as one of Jamaica’s up and coming rappers. 

"I definitely see myself as a force to be recognized in the industry,” he says. "I'm not trying to be anybody or sound like anybody. I'm just making real music that I enjoy and that people can relate to.” 

In his music, Nomad Carlos reflects his personal life experiences as an ‘uptown yute’ growing up in Kingston and what he sees happening around him. His introspective rhymes, backed by superb production, make his music something people feel and pay close attention to. The young rapper also brings something fresh to the game by representing where he’s from. "I think it gives a new outlook as far as content within Hip Hop as I lived a different life in Jamaica than abroad,” he says. 

His love for Jamaica is a dominant theme in his music, especially after returning home from the land of his birth. Jamaica welcomed him back with open arms and he regained his focus on the music. He is currently preparing for the release of the Nomad Carlos EP which will feature production from Sosa, Inertia and IME.

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