Nujabes - Eternal Soul "Dedication Documentary To Nujabes" let your music be our inspiration, RIP 

26 February 2010, Nujabes  died in a traffic accident that occurred in Minato Ward, Tokyo. He was 36.

Nujabes aka sebajun (Jun Seto leaves), the label Hyde Out Productions, Tribe, which operates a record shop DJ, Torakkumeika. Not only in Japan, his music was loved by the world

Memorial Dedicated to Heaven [live event Nujabes Nujabes Eternal Soul] was held. Domestic and international famous artists yearn for the music he has created in his lifetime.

This volume from the cast of many, Shing02, Cise Star (Cyne), Apani, Funky DL, Substantial, Five Deez's Fat Jon and Pase Rock, allies and Uyama Hiroto. Talking about his music could be valuable for artists to hear.

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