Nutkaze Beats - The Duality Mixtape Volume 1 drops on the 12th of April for FREE DOWNLOAD 

1. Hate me now (with RBX)
2. Star wot (produced by Purple Rabbit)
3. Deathmatch
4. The 11th Plague of Exodus (For the Sydney Juggalos)
5. Road to Battle
6. Angry White man (With Eklipse Monster 6)
7. Hit the Spot (With QC and Triple Witch)
8. Soldier of Love (with Sade)
9. Monstrous (with Tech n9ne)
10. Reunited in the Horror (With Dyad Souls)
11. Attack of the Metaphors
12. Open your eyes (with David Icke)
13. The Draconian Shapeshifters (produced by Klive Kraven)
14. Bomb the World (with Michael Franti and Spearhead)
15. Behind enemy Lines (with Black Genius)
16. Deconstruction and Reconstruction
17. Okay so... (with Insyte)
18. Axis (Mr MaDJestyk's stickin the boot in mix)
19. Lean back (with Canibus, B Real, Fat Joe, Notorious B.I.G, Eminem and Lil Jon)
20. A Song for Dave (with Michael Ortega)

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