Nutty NRG - Paper Chase 

On 8th August 2011 Nutty NRG release their debut EP ‘The Nutty NRG EP’ on Orange Tree Records. To celebrate, the track ‘Paper Chase’ will be available for FREE for a limited period. You can download it here:

Introducing Nutty NRG:

Nutty NRG are London MCs Skyy-I and Gizla. Having paid their dues battling MCs across London and beyond, and with three street mixtapes to their name, ‘The Nutty NRG EP’ represents their long awaited first ‘official’ release. Known for their honest lyrics, quirky style and catchy choruses the Nutty NRG boys are well respected in the UK underground hip hop scene having opened for a succession of high profile acts, including Ghostface Killah, T-Pain and R’n’B singer Joe.

The EP features the future funk tracks ‘Fabulous’ and ‘Sex Appeal’, and the alternative club banger ‘Speed Dial’. The duo stick to their hip hop roots on ‘Paper Chase’, and show that they don’t take themselves too seriously on the sexy sax infused ‘Saxophone’.

The EP provides a perfect introduction to the Nutty NRG sound: funky, fresh and a little bit, well, NUTTY!

It will be released on Orange Tree Records via digital download on all major download stores on 8th August 2011. For more info on Nutty NRG:

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