#OccupyWallStreet Our Guerrilla Republik Family/The Brooklyn Bridge Take Over/ARREST/The Whole World is Watching! Are You? 

Whose Streets!? Our Streets!!
All Day!! All Week Occupy Wall Street!
Check out this footage of the Occupy Wall Street march on the Brooklyn Bridge today. Our friends at www.malaandmental.com were on the frontlines as the marchers took over the Brooklyn Bridge. What we are being told by the homey Dayv Cino is that the marchers took over the Brooklyn bound drivers side of the bridge as they attempted to march across peacefully. However, it turns out that the police escorted them straight into an NYPD trap!! Halfway across protestors were met by a massive police presence which included the use of large orange nets that were used to trap people. There are a reported 500 arrests, as MTA city buses were used to transport and secure prisoners. Some 4 hours after the arrests folks are still on these buses waiting to be taken to jail. Among the arrested are a large number of our comrades, comrades from Existence is Resistance and the ANSWER coalition can be seen being taken away. Among them are our Guerrilla Republik family, Marcel Cartier, Iz The Truth, Dayv Cino, and The Sargonites. In the video you can see them being selected and then attacked by the NYPD. They are completely peaceful and then the next thing you know they are on the floor being swarmed by abusive police. A white shirt officer can be seen blocking the rumble with a menacing look and baton in hand while his cronies take turns on the innocent two. Among the arrested were also Morbius, a comrade MC from The Sargonites and his wife. We demand their immediate freedom and that all bogus charges be dropped!

This is an attack on the movement, on workers, students, on Hip Hop and folks need to wake up and understand that we all need to be taking over these streets. The time has come! We are living historic moments of oppression to which we can only respond to with historic moments of resistance.The young people on that bridge today are setting the example! We must applaud them for their bravery and dedication. What the NYPD needs to understand is that these attacks will only make us stronger. Folks are on those buses right now becoming unified thru struggle. Some of the MacBooks and Political Science books have been put down and folks are starting to experience actual struggle and resistance. This is not by any means an attempt to glorify the act of being arrested on a bridge, as there is a long history of those that have struggled like this. However, I was once told by Chairman Fred Jr of folks committing revolutionary acts. Today we saw young people in masses doing a revolutionary act. When they screamed out loud " the whole world is watching!!" they were telling the truth. The whole world is watching and only more will be tuning in. We live in a media /technology era in which people expect short term satisfaction, everything is moving quicker, information now spreads thru cell phones, cameras, computers, the internet, etc. The news cycle is now a quick 24 hour cycle, attention spans are shorter, and news is only as relevant as the last status update, hash tag or trending topic. Cameras have become weapons of mass resistance and an obvious nuisance to the police. They are the current thorn on the side of the NYPD, a city police department who recently bragged about having the ability and weaponry to take down a plane. With the significant number of folks being arrested,an estimated 500 people will be in those jail cells tonight organizing, strategizing, showing real solidarity, building trust, getting to know each other thru struggle. This can only make us stronger. What will the response be? We shall find out soon. Perhaps folks can take over those landmark bridges in The Bay in California?, or in Chicago maybe Lake Shore Drive, the idea is that Occupying Wall Street has spread and will continue to do so. Those folks at Zuccoti Park arent going anywhere anytime soon. So Stay tuned.

If you stop it Right at 3:10 you will see our G-Rep Family Getting attacked by the police.

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