Exekreye No Comply presents Sistah Solidarity Sydney on Saturday June 16 at the Sando, the biggest all female hip hop lineup this year, with an impressive lineup headlined by Naomi Wenitong of the Last Kinnection.the event supports a worthy cause, "Sister’s Inside" they do work with women in prison and post release.They work with a plethora of complex issues in a myriad of ways, counseling, group work,mother-child reunification, social justice campaigns. Many women who are faced with legal repercussion have sustained a life of poverty, abuse and hardship. Sister’s Inside provides an avenue for change of not just individuals but also broader social change. The transition from prison back to ‘society’ is not an easy one. Many issues may be evident including, homelessness, isolation, mental health issues, drug and alcohol issues, isolation, lack of education and training. Having an organisation that focuses on supporting women in prison and post release is essential.With the announcement that all government funding will be cut to Sisters Inside, a crucial independent community organisation which exists to advocate for the human rights of women in the criminal justice system, women from all over NSW have come together for our sisters in Queensland, ft. Naomi Wenitong accompanied by Lady Zebrakeyz, Alphamama, She-Rex, Poetic Transition, Madame Wu, Lomas, Verity Cox, Dawn Laird, Exekreye + Angry Ol' Lefty, Dj Prolifik, Tickets are $12 at the door. to find out more, peep the interview all about it ft Exekreye herself~ http://www.c-o-p-magazine.com/2012/05/sista-solidarity-sydney-ladies-support-imprisoned-women/


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