Ode To Nujabes-Funky DL tribute video to the Japanese hip hop producer "Nujabes" RIP 

This is the official Washington Classics / Funky DL tribute video to the Japanese hip-hop producer "Nujabes" who passed away in February of 2010. Funky DL was one of the first MC's to work with Nujabes on a total of 10 songs, some famously known and some unreleased to this day.

In 2002 DL and Nujabes embarked on an 11 city tour of Japan and it is only now in this video that the imagery from their Club Yellow, Tokyo show is exhibited for the public to see and celebrate Nujabes and the legend he was to the world.

Funky DL shares his memories of collaboration with Nujabes over this smooth and meloncholy groove and narrates his coming to meet, share and experience travels in music with the talented producer, DJ and friend.

This song is taken from the forthcoming Funky DL album "Blackcurrent Jazz 2" and the "Ode To Nujabes" single is digitally available "NOW" via all good digital retailers.

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