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Natalia Pitti AKA MyVerse, was born and raised in Orlando, Florida by her mother (Marta) and older brother (Omar). Her mother, a strong spiritual Latina, rooted her up in the church. To ensure that MyVerse flourished her creativity, her mother enrolled her in ballet and choir in her early years as a youth. Growing up MyVerse had a powerful fascination with writing stories of fictional characters that she loved to recite to her family. At the tender age of 12 she began writing poetry and decided to pursue her skills as a poet through out her adolescent years. By the time she reached 15, she found Hip-Hop to be a culture and spirituality that strengthened and coincided with her religious upbringing. Being raised with a musically talented brother, 8 years older than her self, she was exposed to music she wouldn't normally hear on the radio. Those genres ranged from Christian Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Drum-n-Bass. This was the seed that developed MyVerse’s growing love for good conscious music. The critical moment that changed her life was when she decided to attend a military school at the age of 17 to graduate high school. This is where she discovered the art of Spoken Word and began her first performances as a poet. MyVerse’s unique style of poetry and her passion for Hip-Hop effortlessly transitioned her into becoming an Emcee.

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