Ordinary Hero ~ A day in the trash dump in Ethiopia 

Murs got back from doing some volunteer work in Ethiopia. Here's a videoclip the organization he went with put it together. "An Ordinary Hero team of 22 people traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. One day we ventured into a trash dump to find scenes that we will never forget. There are precious people that live in this area. These people have lived there all their lives with no hope of a better future. That is until a girl named Sumer moved her family to Ethiopia to help these forgotten people. She started a summer school and seeks sponsors for the children to move them from the trash dump and to a boarding school where they will get a very good education and be able to better their lives. After discovering this area for ourselves and seeing the difference that Sumer and her Project 61 team is making, we have made it our goal to partner with them to bring as much help and awareness as we can to such an impoverished area and people. Visit ordinaryhero.org for more info on how you can help."

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