Plex - The Way It Should Be (feat. Wab Kinew and Sarah Podemski) 

Plex is an award winning hip hop artist and producer originally from Edmonton, Alberta. He now makes his home in Toronto where he runs New Leaf Entertainment, an independent record label. He has been emceeing and composing music for 15 years, has a number of acting credits to his name and was the producer and host of the award winning national radio program "The Plex Show" for two years.

Plex released his debut solo album Brainstorm in April 2009 introducing a new sound to the Hip Hop genre. His provocative lyrics and unique instrumentation continue to wow audiences across North America and have garnered international and critical acclaim. Tracks from Brainstorm can be heard on over 75 internet radio stations across the US as well as the Canadian College Radio Charts.

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