POLITICAL ANIMALS Rockin the party and spitting truth @ the Dunbar Showcase in Seymore, CT 

Remember when hip-hop had meaning and substance? When hip-hop was political, thought provoking, and a party all at the same time? Some may feel the genre has lost it’s touch, some even consider the genre "dead.” Hip-hop isn’t dead it never lef, and that revival is known as POLITICAL ANIMALS. Stampeding their way out of New Haven, CT the group is composed of Sotorios Fedeli on vocals, Jen Harper on bass, and Trenton Wright on drums.

Covering a wide range of topics, POLITICAL ANIMALS make sure their music can be enjoyed by any and every fan of hip-hop. "Wannabe MCs,” is a song which calls out all the artists who follow the latest trends rather than their heart. The tribute song to the hip-hop artists who came before them, "Read Between The Lines” is a song any "old school” hip-hop fan can appreciate. The fan favorite "Sensory Deception” can only be described as "haunting” and "chilling.” 

In an era where the majority of hip hop artists "press play” and hit the stage POLITICAL ANIMALS stand out by bringing out the raw sound of hip-hop with a completely live sound. No pre-recorded music, no background beats, just pure hip-hop. Laced with funk grooves, break beats, the power of rock, and classic hip-hop, their sound is unlike anything you‘ve heard before. 

Currently recording their 5 song debut EP be prepared for the POLITICAL ANIMAL stampede. POLITICAL ANIMALS will be sure to be playing in your town sooner than you think, because when the animals come through they turn the party into a zoo. This is more than music this is a movement.

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