Prosthetik Intelligentz (Ezzie B. & B. Doom) - Don't Bat Your Eye/My Rib (Prod. By Depakote) 

My Rib (Prod. By Depakote)

 Don't Bat Your Eye (Prod. By Depakote)
Check out Ezzie B, RHHF artist/member. The experimental and ear-catching sound of Cleveland-based Hip-Hop Producer and Engineer "B. Doom” paired with the thought-provoking lyrics of the artist "Ezzie B.” has spread like wildfire across the global underground. Both based out of Fayetteville, NC; B. Doom’s superb beat-making ability has caught the attention of accomplished music artists and producers across the globe via the famed "Looperman” pro audio web source; among others. Teaming up with Ezzie B. in 2010; the two formed "Prosthetik Intelligentz”; an indie Hip-Hop endeavor who’s motto is "Taking Garbage Out Of Hip-Hop One Track At a Time!!” Ezzie B. (A native of Hampton, VA) incorporates his Haitian heritage into both the grit of his rhyming and soft touches of his singing. Their debut mixtape "Man-Music Mixtape: Volume 1” is a conglomerate of true street hip-hop, get on your feet and dance music as well as glitchy alternative cuts that varies more than what you’d hear while casually changing from station to station on a conventional radio. Whether it’s a catchy club track, a bouncy unnecessary freestyle or a heartfelt track with a spoken-word feel, you can believe that it was completed and mastered just for you to enjoy. 

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