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Veteran Emcee And Fat Beats Recording Artist Sits Down For One-On-One With Bobbito Garcia

Legendary hip-hop Renaissance Man Bobbito Garcia recently chopped it up with veteran rapper and long-time friend Q-Unique at a local NYC radio station. In between discussing the rapper's second solo LP, Between Heaven and Hell, which dropped this past September on Fat Beats Records, the two chat about times past and the origins of their friendship, dating back 20 years. From there the conversation quickly turns back to the album, with Bobbito showing respect for Q-Unique's ability to remain consistent and improve over the course of his career, and paying particular respect to one of the tracks from Between Heaven And Hell, "Crack Era," which Bobbito deems "delicious." To Bobbito's surprise, Q-Unique produced the track. "A lot of people are not really familiar with the fact that I produce," remarks Q-Unique, as the two discuss digging for samples and also pay homage to Fat Beats.

Q-Unique's Between Heaven And Hell is available now via Fat Beats Records.

You can check out the full interview here:

Watch "Mr. Lopez"

Buy Between Heaven & Hell on iTunes

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