Q-Unique – "Mr. Lopez" (Official Video) 

Latest Single From Between Heaven And Hell Weaves A Twisting Tale Of A Robbery Gone Wrong

For those that still like their hip-hop grimy and preferred Times Square with more strip clubs and less Applebee's, Brooklyn rapper Q-Unique, formerly of the Arsonists, is back with his sophomore album, Between Heaven And Hell, his first project since the 2008 release of Vengeance Is Mine. While the new album, on which Q-Unique receives assistance from the likes of Ill Bill, Slaine, and more, dropped earlier this fall, Q-Unique continues to release new videos to support the project, the latest for the unforgiving, raw "Mr. Lopez."

"Mr. Lopez got shot/ Police tape off, start the investigation/ Five suspects under an interrogation... Street life brings the devil out of desire," raps Q-Unique on the song's chorus, detailing the story of a small-time robbery gone wrong. Q-Unique tells the menacing tale atop production that meets him each step of the way, switching-up with each verse, both taking twists and turns as the story progresses. Matching Q's powerful lyrics and vocal performance is a strikingly shot video with Q-Unique narrating the story of the bodega heist gone wrong as the violence and confusion unfolds around him.

Q-Unique's Between Heaven And Hell is available now via Fat Beats Records.

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