Queens Connex - The Bullshit (Directed by Zack Helwa) 

In January of 2010 "L.O.W.F.I" was created by Wesley B. (aka Agua). Wesley started his career as a MC back in 1999 with a group called Queens Connex. With the completion of there third Mix-tape Planet Of The Tapes > http://livelowfi.bandcamp.com/
, the group split without any animosity. Wesley began to explore into his spirituality, and found inspiration from teaching of different African mystery systems. His inner search allowed him to open a new door of creativity that inspired other musician of a higher caliber to contribute their time and talent. Through our music, we bring you a frequency of musical expression that bring harmony to the soul of the listener. Lowfi is a collective of musicians, vocalist and producers who have united to bring anew frequency of creative artistic expression, we are on a endless search to overstand who we once were who we are and where we are going, through our music, listeners witness our eternal evolution

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