R6 Cypher (Episode 1) Philly Hip Hop Ft DJ Stradegy, Too Much Raw, TwizzMatic, Selina Carrera, O.H.M., Mic Stewart Beat by TwizzMatic 

The R6 is a bimonthly MC cypher that will be filmed in various locations around the city of Philadelphia. During each session, they will feature five guest MCs, allotting 16 bars per person. In addition to the MCs, the R6 will also feature the talents of local producers. The showcase will be taped every first and third Sunday of the month and the footage will be released via various media outlets. The R6 will be an invaluable opportunity for local artists and producers to expand their network, gain exposure, and perfect their craft. We are striving to feature the dopest MCs, producers, DJs, and videographers to make the R6 Cypher the premiere MC showcase in the tri-state area. 

R6 Cypher• Reinvent • Reintroduce • Redefine • Rejuvenate • Revamp• Resurrect Philadelphia Hip Hop

Currently, we are facing a crisis in hip hop: uninspired lyrics, negative messages, monotonous content, and repetitive themes. It is has become stifling and inhibitive. Creativity and individuality are rarely applauded and in the City of Brotherly love, you'd be hard-pressed to receive any from your peers. The mission of the R6 Cypher is to change this bleak reality, and restore Philly to its deep, cultural hip hop roots. This undertaking is not meant to be exclusive, but to reach out and challenge MCs from ALL areas to expand their horizons and broaden their lyrical content: OUR FUTURE depends on it. Our goal is to break the ongoing cycle that is occurring in music and inspire our youth. We're striving to shift the focus FROM the individual TO the community; and ultimately break the stereotypes that plaque this beautiful, powerful art form.

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