Raekwon's OB4CL Pt.2 Ranks 7 On Top 10 Album of the Year in Time Magazine 

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The return of Raekwon is a comeback that has been highly praised and acknowledged by Hip Hop heads.
Even in today's changing climate in the music industry, the Chef was able to show that he can still cook up some potent product for the streets to feed off of.
The storm following Only Build 4 Cuban Linx Pt. 2 was so great that it even caught the attention of TIME Magazine as they gave Rae the Number 7 slot for the album of the year. Not Hip Hop/Rap album, but the album of the year.
It must be noted that his latest offering was the only Hip Hop album that was actually featured on the top 10 list.
Time Magazine took some time out to throw out some feedback in regards to Rae's return and the impact of the sequel to the 1995 classic debut.
“The sequel to Raekwon's much loved 1995 solo debut picks up as if no time has passed. He's still rhyming about cocaine deals, hustlers and urban menace — which makes for an elevated degree of difficulty, since a song about the production of crack (“Pyrex Vision”) should be not only impotent in 2009, but deservedly so. The reason it works, like all of Cuban Linx, Pt 2, is that Raekwon is a poet of grime, a storyteller who understands that rap is less about an easy hook than the collision of carefully chosen words. He's also a melancholic who prefers replaying the circumstances of growing up in hell (“All my life around drug niggas, villains who want millions/ Niggas with them hoodies on with Teks in the building”) to celebrating the trappings of success. With production from nearly every top name in hip-hop, it's a spooky and sad monograph — not lovable, but quite powerful.”
With all these new talents popping up left from right, it must leave a good taste to know that most can't do it like the pioneers of rap. Congratulat
ions Raekwon

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