Rakim addresses Nas situation, talks new Stephen Marley collaboration 

Rakim talks to HardKnock.Tv's Nick Huff Barili about the reaction he received from putting out his last album "The Seventh Seal" and he addresses the media exaggerated beef with Nas. Ra goes on to let out the secret that he has been working with Stephen Marley (the generators of his trailer shut down and we lost all the light as soon as he makes announcement, definitely felt like their was a higher energy in the room). When asked if him and Nas could work together in the future, Rakim responds that through the Marley camp maybe him and Nas will do a song together. Lastly he says that if he were to do a song about one person like Nas did of him, Rakim would do it on Muhammad Ali.

Here is the interview where Rakim spoke on Nas "Unauthorized Biography" song

Another new Rakim interview with MTV

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