Rapid Ric - "Leanin" feat. A3, Craig G, ESG (Video) 

Rapid Ric is back with his latest video, this one for the song, "Leanin." Like the majority of the tracks off his forthcoming debut album, Whut It Dew, being released via Dew Music Group for free download on July 12th, this single features a collection of esteemed MCs: A3, ESG, and Craig G. Not only was Ric the mastermind behind "Leanin", but he also decided to get behind the camera for his first stint as a video director.

As to be expected for a track titled "Leanin," the video is replete with one of the scene's staples, Styrofoam cups (in this case covered with airbrushed drawings memorializing deceased artists from the area including Pimp C and Big Moe) filled to the brim with Drank. "I'm leaning, leaning like man," goes the chorus. "Baby, I'm so dirty, but I'm riding so clean." Helping to keep the mood light, also, are a few obligatory strip club and car shots, and Rapid Ric, himself, playing the roll of a nerdy pharmacist, who quickly transforms back into his regular DJ'ing self after taking a sip.

Purchase Rapid Ric's new album, Whut It Dew, here

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