Rest in Peace Big Pun (tribute) - Subliminal (big sub) 

Subliminal ( big sub) raised in my hometown of brooklyn. It was there when he was 5 yrs old he was introduced to hip hop by the older crowd in the neighborhood and instantly took a liking to the music. Years go by and sub is listening and memorizing every word 2 his favorite tracks but it wasn't til the late 90s did he try it himself. In highschool he met eturnal who been rapping a few years already and they connected thru the music.

"Febuary 7th, 2010 makes 10 years since we lost one of the greatest rappers of all time. BIG PUN. The first latin rapper to baffle your skull. First Latin Rapper to hit platinum status. and My inspiration to rap. This is Dream Shatterer "2010" a tribute to the Legend. I remade the original dream shatterer beat. Hope you enjoy! BIG PUN R.I.P." Subliminal

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