The Session 91.7 is launching “Saturday Night Live" Calling All Independent Artist" 

Calling all independent hip hop artists, The Session 91.7 WIXQ is launching "Saturday Night Live" a segment that will feature independent artists rapping  on the radio on 91.7 WIXQ & Rap Revival Radio
like back in the day. Here is how you can get on the show, below are the 3 instrumentals for the first show which will air in October. You can pick any of the 3 beats below and get your condenser or studio mic and drop an 8, 10 or 16 bar verse or freestyle on them and email it to us at We will then take all the submissions we get and put them all together for the segment and air it on The Session. You can do as many verses on as many of the 3 beats as you want. The only rule is, it has to be live rapping, no cut ins, effects or editing, etc, just pick up the mic and rhyme. The bests for this episode are paying homage to some of the classic beats that have been rhymed over the radio by hip hop legends. One final note, since this is going to air on the radio, like heavy d said, dont curse.

Beat # 1

Beat #2

Beat #3

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