SteakNEggz3 LP by PEET CALIBER ft. Bori Puro, Ph/Pumpkinhead and more 

SteakNEggz3 features Jersey’s own Big Lou, his brother Bori Puro from CT, and Ph/Pumpkinhead. Nothing but hot lyrics, hot flow, hot production, real concepts, and real hip hop. Main production from Arze Kareem, Clinton Place9, Boonie Mayfield, Dj Premier, 9th Wonder, and other dope cats.

PEET CALIBER: Puerto Rican emcee raised and still living in the struggle out of New Jersey. Observing legends like Pac, Biggy, and Pun made him realize how important music can be to relieve a lot of Lifes hiccups. His objective is to glorify the reality aspect and wonders of life rather than murder and materialistic, senceless things people die for in todays world. This is music you may relate to.

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