(Scribbling Idiots) Cas Metah & Wonder Brown "Drowning Man" ft. Copywrite & Elias Prod J Rawls @illect Recordings 

Scribbling Idiots members Cas Metah, Wonder Brown and Elias are joined by emcee Copywrite on the lead single from the duos new album "The Darke Bros." Beat production for the single is handled by J. Rawls.

"In a world we live in we are inundated with commercialism, politics and religion. This causes us to question our beliefs... our humanity... our purpose... and at times can make us feel like we're drowning. This song
is about looking in the mirror and assessing who we are as individuals and as citizens of a larger kingdom. At the end of the day, we see ourselves as common individuals with a desire to be inclusive about our thoughts and feelings," shares Wonder Brown.

"The Darke Bros." is available now on ILLECT Recordings

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