Sam Sneed ft. J. Flexx - Lady Heroin (Offiical Video) 

You might remember Sam Sneed from his days on the infamous Death Row Records back in the 90's with his song "U Better Recognize" and the skit on Snoops Doggystyle album. This video Lady Heroin was recorded all the way back in 1995 during the height of Death Row and has now been released for the first time ever in 2011, even including a cameo appearance from Kool G Rap. After all the drama that went down at Death Row, Sam Sneed will now finally put out his official debut "Street Scholars" through WIDEAwake. Street Scholars however won't be the same as the original that would have come out with his group in 95, there are going to be 4 Death Row era tracks and the rest will be new tracks.

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