Shoot the Deputy by Ignite & Imagery feat. Rudolph Lyrics Off the album Ignite and Imagery: Gimmick Free 

Ignite and Imagery's new single called Shoot The Deputy feat. Rudolph Lyrics. It is what you think but also is not, Segundo produced it and flipped that famous sample in such an incredible and creative way off thier new album Ignite and Imagery: Gimmick Free made up of lush soulful beats with soulful singing from Imagery, beautiful but sinister hard beats, jazzy beats, funked out beats and others that sound totally original and push the envelope. The subject matter from the MCs varies as well. From stories to experiences, love to parties to fights to real life to just plain lyrical acrobatics. The MCs have smooth and varied melodic flows and are very lyrical, with a lot of tricky and intricate rhyme schemes and wordplay. Gimmick Free is available now on iTunes, Amazon, and most major online retailers.


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