Simeon Viltz of Primeridian & Mulatto Patriot "Hot Day" (Video)

"eMCee Simeon Viltz & producer Mulatto Patriot Presents: “Ray Elementary” an album full of soulful funky grooves, intriguing stories and a strong positive energy that is very inviting.

The name “Ray Elementary” comes from Simeon and MP attending William H. Ray a nice amount of time ago in different years.
The Album has appearances from Uncle Imani (Pharcyde), Psalm One, Pugs Atomz, Greg Blackman, Neak, Sincerely Yours, Squair Blaq, Race, Maggie Vagle, NidaNasheeda, Shev Rock & Awdazcate.

With live Instruments performed by Charlie Coffeen of SideWalkChalk (Piano), Prashant Vallury of Animate Objects (Bass), Chris Paquette (Auxiliary Percussion) and Simeon Viltz gets it in on Trumpet and Vibes.

Album Coming Soon…

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