Sinitus Tempo Ft. Krystal Hardwick - Such harmony 

The lovely Krystal Hardwick decided to bless the beat from Sinitus Tempo's born legends ep entitled "last samurai"with her wonderful voice and breath new life into the track. check it out also pick up krytal's album today.

Sinitus Tempo, graduate of Northwestern High School in Prince George’s County, is one of the few producers who can make magic with oldies samples. Born March 1st, 1989 as Nathan Peters, this DMV native and hip-hop producer is hardly an amateur. Tempo has been creating musical masterpieces for local and non-local hip-hop acts for nearly six years. Some of his prestigious accomplishments to date include being featured in the 2010 Edition of URB Magazine’s Next 1000 and participating in a producer showcase held in Philadelphia that was judged by illmind, Mike from HipHopdx and the head of Artists & Repertoire (A&R) from Island Def Jam, Lenny S. Locally, Sinitus Tempo helped with the origination of the DMV’s ever growing and highly popular "Beat Clash” producer battle 

(read more about Sinitus here

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