Souls Of Mischief - "Won One" (Official Video) 

Legendary Bay Area Group Drop Latest Video From Montezuma's Revenge

After a ten-year hiatus The Mighty Souls of Mischief formed like Voltron, releasing the Prince Paul produced Montezuma's Revenge last December to high praise and rave reviews. Nearly a year later, and following world tours and the release of their own Heiro Man toy, Souls is releasing a new video for "Won One." In the Don Tyler produced video, the west coast rhymers go black and white, spitting sharp and precise verses throughout several city settings, an impressive feat considering the video was shot in one take. As the video jumps back and forth from one side of the Golden Gate Bridge to the other, the rappers find themselves imposed on the side of luxury high-rises and abandoned apartment buildings, alike, with their images, like the group's music itself, transcending the city they call home.

Watch the video for "Won One" here:

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