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When we last spoke to Herman of Grimm Image Records, he had just released his debut solo album and was on tour to promote it and spread the gospel. Now, a few months older and wiser, he is hooking up with a familiar name in the uber talented Ikey Owens of Free Moral Agents. They give us the run down on what their new project is shaping up to be as well as some insight on how they hooked up this new project...

Kid Presentable!!!: Okay guys, let all the people out there in internet land know who you are and what's good.

Herman: My Name Is Herman Im A Recording Artist On Kkidz (Creative Mind Flow) & Grimm Image Records I'm Also Apart Of The IinTerCepTerZ w/ My Partner ACEEVILLE I'm Best Known For My Music & Performing Alot Of Shows!

Ikey Owens: I play keyboards in the Mars Volta and in Free Moral Agents.

KP: How did you two cats first hook up to do music? Where you guys friends or just fans of each others music?

IO: We played a show together in Phoenix on the last FMA tour. Herman rocked A cappella and we all thought it was fresh and we started talking after that.

HR: We Met For The First Time In Oct Of 2010. I headlined A Show In Arizona w/ 2Mex & Free Moral Agents and Ikey got to hear my set then he asked if I wanted to make a record together. I said I was down and he called me the next day!

KP: You guys both have had a busy 2010 with projects as well as touring. As you look back on the year how would you describe your experiences with the touring and the albums?

HR: It Was A Good Year And a great Experience For Me. I Released My First Album Under Grimm Image Records (In Color) and I did A lot Of Touring w/ The IinTerCepTerZ. I also Worked w/ alot of talented Names from Myka9 To Cee lo Green. I stayed really busy all year long and in 2011 it is only going to get better.

IO: It's been a really great growing experience for Free Moral Agents. We're slowly starting to develop a following. It's been hard work but a lot of fun.

KP: Do you guys have any good tour stories that you would like to share with us?

HR: To many good ones. Hahahaha. Nothing beats being on the road. Touring is too much fun.

KP: Tell us about this new project that you are about to release. What tones and textures should we be looking for?

IO: I was looking for a heavy band that had it's roots in dub and other groove based genres but was noisy and a bit heavy. Free Moral Agents is the vehicle for that experiment.

HR: A New Style Of Hip Hop Music w/ Live instrumentation By Free Moral Agents. All Music produced By Ikey. If You Check Out The Song Televators By The Mars Volta or Some Of There Later Work Like the Album Aputechture, our new Record Will Sound Similar to that mixed w/ Dub & Hip Hop & some crazy Sounds. I'm Really Excited For This release. It's gonna be Good!

KP: Ikey, I know that you are in look daggers with 2mex as well. How much more different is it playing with an emcee then it is with just playing in a band?

IO: It's a totally different ball game. When the lead vocal is mostly melodic you have less room to wiggle as a musician. Essentially rapping is talking, no singing, so you have to be really concise rhythmically in order to do it justice and not step all over everything. In some ways a vocalist is a lot more forgiving.

KP: Conversely Herman, do you find it to be a different experience when you are accompanied by a band instead of just emceeing alone?

HR: It's a great experience. I Was In A Band Along Time Ago and I love having live music in my sets. It Gives the crowd their moneys worth. It's very different though, but the experience is priceless.

KP: What was the inspiration behind the project? Was it a long writing process or was the work done swiftly and painlessly?

HR: We are taking our time right now. We are almost done, we just want it to be perfect. It's completely different from anything I've done before and I don't want to give to much away. It's gonna be a great record and I can't wait for it's release.

IO: Just mutual respect.

KP: Do you guys have any plans on touring for this album in 2011? What other cool shit do you guys have lined up for the new year?

IO: Free moral agents will be touring Europe in February and the states in March. We'll also be recording a new record this year.

HR: There Will possibly be Late Tour In 2011 for This Record We Both Are Really Busy right now But U Can Expect Some Great Shows other then that The IinTerCepTerZ Go Too Canada March 5th 2011 Were touring Europe This year as well & Will Also be In Japan. This year It's A Big Year For Us and Were still On Tour Right Now. West coast US Tour We just came back from Santa Barbra CA Big Show Next Stop San Diego CA w/ Zion I, Kkidz Creative Mind Flow & Grimm Image Records will Be COMMING together to Put Out this new Record w/ My Self & Ikey Owens. It's Also a big year For Grimm Too! Don't Wanna Say much But you Can Expect A new OMD Release On Grimm. Busdriver Lp & Another Look Daggers Album! Alot more to so Stay Tuned. The Future Is Grimm! I got Another Record COMMING Out w/ Producer DJ Press Also The IinTerCepTerZ Learn The Letters Album & Another Record On Grimm w/ My Brother Another Artist On Our Lable ALEKTRYXAL It's Gonna Be A BIG YEAR!

KP: Any shout outs, daps, love you might want to give out?

HR: Big Shout Outs Too Kkidz Creative Mind Flow Ikey Owens VanTsa Grimm Image Records ACEEVILLE Tripp Apparel Free Moral Agents My Wife Rachel Our Son Eli & All My Supporters Let's Keep Doing It Big! -Herman




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