Spread the Word-Introducing Kazahaya "This Week’s Featured Artist" 

Spread the Word-Introducing Kazahaya - another gem from Japan that I found years ago when I was back in the UK. I remember practicing breakdance with these tracks…His music taste is often described as that old boom bap style, perfect for bboys and bgirls to get down to! I will get more updates from him next month, so stay tuned!

Kazahaya began his music career as a DJ in 1994 and started beat making in 1999. He started his own label KZRECORD in 2005 and released a number of 12”s cutting and pasting classic hip hop vocals over his own beats and mix CD’s with a stunning mix of soul, funk, disco, hip hop and more.

In his own words…..”His DJ and beat making were merging elements of Funk and Soul and Hip Hop. The only pieces of equipment I use to produce are the AKAI MPC4000. And I DJ’s only Vinyl!!” read more on the newest blog to hit the underground world of great artists around the world


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