Stik Figa - From The Top Mini-Documentary 

Stik Figa Gives Fans An In-Depth Look At His Hometown Of Topeka, Kansas

Coming off the heels of "From The Top," both the first single from the Mello Music Group compilation, Helpless Dreamer, as well as Stik's own Oddisee produced EP, From The Top, fans are treated to an in depth look at the city that Stik Figa calls home. In this mini-documentary the emcee's lively personality shines bright through a series of personal interviews in which he touches on subjects ranging from the local music scene and culture to the history of Kansas including the landmark Brown v. Board Of Education Supreme Court decision. The emcee provides the soundtrack with his own songs as the camera takes a back seat while Stick Figa guides them to a number of local dives and cornerstones of his adolescence, including his high school and the venues where the aspiring rapper sharpened his skills.

Stik Figa & Oddisee's From The Top EP will be available this Thursday, December 2nd.

You can see the mini-documentary here:

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