Sullee J - Weakness of Man (prod. Amar Azaan) 

The first single off Sullee J's album "Vindication" which will be released March 1st. An aspiring artist from Baltimore, MD, Sullee J grew up in a Pakistani/American Culture. He struggled with neglect, racism, multiplied mistakes, and heartaches. He hopes to open doors for many other South Asians in Hip Hop. Driven to reach a diverse audience with his music, and inspire, move, and entangle entire generations with his words. He does not use profanity in his music, believing he can still be just as lyrical and passionate about it. His creativity, confidence, and dedication to his craft have molded him into an exceptional musician. Taking his listeners into a journey through compassion, strife and society's struggles as he vividly portrays life through his music, allowing the listener to escape into a fresh and raw reality. Weakness of Man displays the role of positivity trying to stand up to all the negativity around, i.e. corruption, injustice, hate, crime, and more. The song takes an approach from a conscious perspective. Weakness of Man, is a beginning, which shows that he (positivity) can be beaten down, emptied out, and tortured, although in the end he will still stand and fight for the right path. 
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