To all my people out there who have been waiting for new AKIR material, the wait is now over. Introducing Supporter Sundays!!!I will be releasing a new track every Sunday for the next few months. The new tracks will be posted here first for "The Network”. What is "The Network” you ask? "The Network” is us, my family, my supporters, my team. The people who encourage positivity, cooperative movement and, united front aga

On Supporter Sundays I ask that you "The Network” Tweet, Facebook, Myspace, etc. (your pictures with me, pictures of you with the albums, artwork/poems/songs for or of me, etc.). Also, I ask that you use the hashtag #supportersundays when posting. This will be a way of us showing each other that we give a fuck. Foreal.

We have also created a new Twitter account for "The Network”: please follow it. On that note, kick back on your last couple hours before returning to the grind, pour a glass, light something up and enjoy some new.

 AKIR music. One!!!!!

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