Sweatshop Union Presents: Dirty Circus "Alive And Well" 

 An album many years in the making, this debut album from Sweatshop Union’s Metty The Dertmerchant and Mos Eisley Is somewhat of an ode to the traditional "classic era” of Hip Hop. With carefully selected productions that adhere to that "vintage” format crafted by the group itself as well as Swollen Members producer Rob The Viking, Slakah The Beatchild and the legendary old school DJ Rip One. Alongside the two M.C.’s are featured guests: Bootie Brown of The Pharcyde, Moka Only, Blame One, Geo of Blue Scholars, Shad K, Dynas and DJ’s Grouch, Cysko and ES Nine.

As part of Sweatshop Union, Dirty Circus have been recording and constantly touring for the last 10 years, releasing 5 albums and making themselves at home on the road and in the studio. In the process, they have toured and shared stages across North America with a wide range of artists as diverse as De La Soul and Snoop Dogg, Jurassic 5 and Planet Asia to Tegan and Sara, Black-Eyed Peas and Kokane among many others. Also this particular pairing have been responsible for a bulk of Sweatshop Union’s biggest hits, including: "Oh My”, "Broken Record”, "Better Day” and "The Truth We Speak”. Each song received heavy video rotation including weekly countdown and video award nomination’s from Much Music.

The duo’s years of experience in the studio and on the road have left them in a unique position: releasing their debut album to an already established fanbase. They have spent years honing their skill and delivery for the Dirty Circus album to achieve that golden ratio of rhymes, beats and content that makes a record more than a group of songs, but a living work.

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