T​.​A​.​P ONENESS by The ParanormL - NEW ALBUM dropping on FEB 14 2011 (Here are some leaks) 

'Terem. Adampayne. ParanormL are (T.A.P) "ONENESS" is the title of the album. Starring French producer Terem on the entire album. Soul Alternative singer out of Boston Adam Payne. And Jazz Hop Lyricist out of L.A. The ParanormL on the rhyme scheme. This album is the start of a movement. He believes "Oneness" should be the focal point of life. Oneness is being at One with the Creator. By doing so, you become at One with infinity and "all things". Oneness proves the connectivity of all living creatures, along with being at one with the multi-verses. Namaste in other words.. Get connected, WE ARE ONE'

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