The Art Of Freestyle With Xidus Pain 

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A message from conrade, brent lee regan.


Yes friends, what a treat I have here for all you Hip Hop heads...

In these tumultuous times that we live, there is an epidemic rising... the evidence is on practically every rapper's video blog and acapella on youtube... it's on almost every radio interview... it even happens in front of the unsuspecting public at Hip Hop shows across the globe... and it must stop!

What am I talking about? The written freestyle...

Yes, a written... freestyle... Look, if you can't freestyle then don't, okay? Hip Hop's about being real so just admit it, it's fine... I can't do it, so I don't!

But here is a man who can... Xidus Pain. Check out this new series of videos entitled The Art Of Freestyle and witness the true essence of a Freestyle!

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