The AudioBodies- "So Cold" at the Cutting Room Studios features the Great Abiodun Oyewole of "The Last Poets" 

After years of performing in the New Jersey/New York City music scene, musician J.Obtuse met vocalist WYME in a small subterranean music venue, below a grungy Jersey City bar, amid plastic lawn furniture, broken bottles and flickering tea candles. Obtuse was the house guitarist and WYME was the featured artist/vocalist/poet of the evening. The pair formed an instant bond as soon as WYME stepped up to the microphone, and The Audiobodies were born that night.

With energetic performances and spiritually conscious lyrics, The Audiobodies combine WYME’s smooth Terrance Trent D’Arby-esq vocals and harmonies with Obtuse’s alt-rock guitar style. The result is urban world music with tinges of psychedelic rock and soul.

"Free,” their first single, features world-renowned percussionist Bashiri Johnson.

Active in many local non-profits, The Audiobodies were recently honored by the Jersey City Peace Movement for their contributions to the local community. The group was also asked to perform at a Stop the Violence rally in Newburgh NY, where violence, particularly among youth, has plagued the city for years.

"Our activist work is our music,” said WYME, who in addition to being a musician is also a father, visual artist, volunteer and activist. "We are warriors in the sense that we send out the battle cry true, clear and strong. And when you feel the songs uplift your state of being, there is no doubt a revolutionary feeling is in the air.”

For The Audiobodies, music in itself is a spiritual revolution and a catalyst for change within us. "Above all, it’s about finding home again through music,” said Obtuse, who is a biochemist by day. "It is a redemption of my soul that I can mold and bare to the universe.”

"The most important message we want fans to take away is love of yourself, of the known and of the unknown,” said WYME.!/tHeAuDioBoDieS

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