The Garden State Hip-Hop Cypher 2011 ft. Hasan Salaam, Rhymageddon and more 

On January 13, 2011 sixteen of New Jersey's rising underground hip-hop talents filled the Turntable Izm Show studio in a gathering for the Garden State Hip-Hop cypher. The cypher was created to give NJ's premiere underground hip-hop artist an opportunity to showcase their precious talents to hip-hop lovers worldwide. Due to the lack of popular NJ-based hip-hop artists, Volume One of the GSHH cypher exhibits the hidden gems we have in our cities.
Round 1: Hasan Salaam 0:21, Rasheed Chappell 1:57, Silent Knight 3:08, Black Irish 4:39, Badsport 6:05, Johnny 3 Rounds 7:25.
Round 2: Deal The Villain 9:34, 16 Tha Rebel 11:20, Proph 13:06, Legz Long 14:27, Daniel Joseph 17:05.
Round 3: C.F 19:21, Mr. Serious 21:35, Rhymageddon 23:02, Dane the Beautiful Monster 24:31, Grayy Ice 26:39.  

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