“The Lost Tapes”-Justin Thomas's-visual account on the current state of hip hop ft. Rebel Diaz,Hasan Salaam,B-Girl Legend ROKAFELLA And More 

"The Lost Tapes” represents Justin’s full-length feature debut; it is a visual account on the current state of hip hop: in its community, in its industry, and in its overall culture. Justin follows practitioners of hip hop’s founding elements-MC’ing, DJ’ing, break-dancing, graffiti, and knowledge, wisdom and understanding-to get an accurate assessment on where these elements stand in a modern context as the film explores the merits, contradictions, and significance of the most important cultural movement of our times. Featuring live performances, behind the scenes access footage, and candid interviews with hip hop artists both established as well as up-and-coming, "The Lost Tapes” attempts to sort through the litany of stereotypes within the culture, as well as the perceptions of the public at large. The film’s ultimate goal is to enlighten today’s generation that has come of age under a co modified perception of what hip hop is, and expose them to the true essence of the culture.

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