The Oracles Of Truth - Real Hip Hop Forever MixTape! Available now! ft. K-Rino, Sadat X, Percee P, Large Pro, Lucid Music, Beretta 9 + 

The Oracles Of Truth - Real Hip Hop Forever MixTape! THE REVOLUTION BEGINS! available now! Support Real Hip Hop, Support the movement ft. K-Rino, Sadat X, Percee P, Large Professor, Father D, Neek The Exotic, Prodigal Sunn, Mikey D, Lucid Music, Trigger the Soldier, Vigalantee, (The AIM/G-rep) Brent Lee Regan, Satchel Page, Beretta 9/Kinetic (wu-tang killarmy), Prosthetik Intelligentz, DJ Radio, Llyric, Realest Reeken, R.A.H., NtG Beats, Mnemonic, Pensmoke, Agent X, Unite C, Artistic Velocity, El Matador, Em-See'D, Tears, The WildCore, Aruba Bandit, 
The Agen-C (Agent X & Unite C)

The Oracles Of Truth, Download Here

Peace comrades, supporters, hip hop heads, friends: one of our very own "Mnemonic" is locked up right now as of Sat. His only crime was not having the money to pay a fine! His mom and all of us are asking all real hiphoppa's to show some support by spreading the word and getting some of his music, so his people can get him out of a spot he dont belong in, This mixtape is dedicated to Mnemonic, may he return home soon. Click the link and support Hip Hop by supporting a real Hip Hop dude!

Thank you to all who contributed and donated tracks for the RHHF Oracles Of Truth! One luv~Download

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