The Milky Way - "Black Magic" ft. Airon Azure & Chris Clarke @TheMilkyWayans (New Video) 

The Milky Way,a band of family and friends that has it's roots in the nationwide hip-hop syndicate,The VJC (formerly The Vinyl Junkies Clique). Founding member Sum tapped VJC brethren X-man, Pudge and X-ro and close cousin Computer Jay with an idea for a band. Later on, he added Taurus on guitar. After setting the foundation, Sum invited his wife Nzinga (Vocabutrois) and close friend Janet E. Dandrige (Lil Mis) to add a theatrical element and good balance of feminine energy to even out the testosterone. The Milky Way is a blend of veteran musicians, songwriters, beatmakers, and actors, The Milky Way is just as much a performance troupe as a band of outstandingly creative artists."This is thier first full song composed from scratch as The Milky Way. Director Nzinga Kadalie Kemp

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