The New Demonios Sekt "CIRCLES" 2011 album Available now! (FREE DOWNLOAD!) 

Demonios Sekt is a music movement that unites producers, mc’s, DJ’s and musicians from all over the world who are into dark underground hip-hop. Their music is the sound of those lost in the darkness of our world. Worldwide collaborations 22 tracks features by Sai, The Jotaka, Explicito, D-Cap, Life scientist, Bizzy, Katha, Zonah, Dramah, Torner, Jago, Tarantino, Iron Menace, O-Beast, Scoti Styles, Labal S, Noodles, Mad Dukes, Verb, Destiny Lab, LT Mana, Gravestone Face, Dark Guerilla, Chato, Him-Lo, Matt Maddox, Lost order of the Ancients, Misguided, Gravespace, Det the Bomb, Basci, Jenkinz, Das C and s.A.I.D.. With Cuts by DJ Joon and DJ Coach One. Production By The Bloody Beatmaker, I.D.C, Hellbound, Kachin

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