"The Session" 91.7 WIXQ Episode 2 Hosted By Even Stephen & The MarXman ft RHHF "Pensmoke" and a shout out to RealHipHopForever.com 

"The Session" on 91.7 WIXQ Session 2 is a retrospective of the year 1994 in Hip Hop and features Da Wise Deciple, RHHF Pensmoke in the independent artists block and give a shout out to Realhiphopforever.com at 1:5:29, Thank you for the shout~~Download The Podcast, well worth it!

The Session is a return to the days of late night Hip Hop on the radio, following in the footsteps and paying homage to shows like Power 99's Radio Active, 103.3 
Princeton's Raw Deal Rap Show, and Thursday Night Live. Underground MC's Even Stephen & The MarXman host it every Sunday from 1am-3am on 91.7 WIXQ, as well as streamed live at http://www.wixq.com

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