The Wall Street Project by E The Real (Download) @EtheRealPlains 

The Wall Street Project" is a 2010 album from Boston recording artist E The Real inspired by the classic 1987 film Wall Street by Oliver Stone. Wall Street’s influence expands across the globe as the heart of the business world and the mecca of capitalism. Our culture as we know it is completely influenced by the "big wigs” on Wall Street. Even though the original film was released in the 80's, the ideas behind the film are more relevant today than ever before. With this project, E takes the idea of a "concept album” to a new level, breaking down the American business world and it’s influence on our culture with songs and skits based on scenes from the movie. Greed, competition, and loyalty are just a few of the themes that E touches on. In the Hip Hop world, artists are now business men and take on many responsibilities in order to succeed. E draws the connections between Hip-Hop and Wall Street through this groundbreaking album.

E The Real aka EtheReal Plains, released "The Wall Street Project" on his hybrid label "Kinda Dusty" which he co-founded in the fall of 2009. The whole project is produced, designed, promoted, and financed exclusively by the Kinda Dusty team Paul Mighty (who also mixed the whole album), DJ Manipulator, and Frank The Butcher. Guest appearances on the microphone include Louie Gonz (formally known as Spit Supreme), Skivi B, and Timmy Wiggins of Cardboard City.

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