Time Crisis – Blue Lips (Music Video) 

Time Crisis welcomes the challenge of pushing modern music forward by blurring the traditional lines
that separate genres. The Pennsylvania-bred duo fuses electronic and organic sounds to produce an
audio experience that is both progressive and catchy. From sequencer to six string, vocoder to violin,
Time Crisis takes full advantage of an expansive sonic palette.

The duo began when Will Brown and Jon Markson met in Connecticut, where the PA natives attended
college. Upon meeting, both were equipped with a unique take on music shaped by their respective
upbringings. Markson was accustomed to the eclectic buzz of Allentown, while Brown embraced the
urban boom bap of Pittsburgh. Markson was taken aback by Brown’s vertical stature and hip-hop
instrumentals. Brown was equally enthralled by Markson’s moustache and guitar playing. The two
bonded over a shared sense of humor and a passion for wildly expressive music, and Time Crisis was

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